Recent Alumni Recognition

Each year Columbia International University recognizes 12 recent alumni who have graduated within the last 12 years for their distinguished accomplishments in the marketplace, on the mission field or in church ministry. They are a faithful example of CIU’s five core values. These are: Authority of Scripture, the Necessity of the Spirit Filled Life, World Evangelization, Prayer and Faith, and Evangelical Unity.

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2021- LaToya Reed

LaToya is the first female, minority, and non-military director of a residential program for struggling youth. She has also worked with youth at the South Carolina Dept. of Social Services and the South Carolina Dept. of Juvenile Justice. Equipped with CIU’s Youth Ministry degree, LaToya takes her passion for youth and leads her team in caring for and educating teens who have trouble succeeding in a normal high school setting. She feels most fulfilled when she is able to witness transformation in the students, from the moment they walk through the door to the day they graduate from the program.


2021- Stan & Jennifer

Stan and Jennifer served many years in East Asia with overseas agencies, starting a small business as their mission platform. They focused on language, evangelism, and discipleship as they assisted a local house church. Today they build relationships with East Asian scholars, professors, and their families on a U.S. college campus. Jennifer homeschools their children, and teaches English to children in Asia.

2021- Renata Hanscamp

Born and raised in New Zealand, Renata recalls almost packing up and returning home within the first few weeks of college because everything seemed too different, and she felt unprepared. Standing with a handful of change to call her parents and ask them to “please bring me home,” CIU Professor Bryan Beyer spoke to Renata in her distress, prayed with her, and she agreed to stay for one week, which turned into a month, then a year, and the rest is history.

2021- Christian Markle

Christian earned his B.A. in Communications in 2013. Shortly after graduating, his heart and steps were directed toward the nonprofit sector, and he began learning how to tell stories that help people get involved in the heart of charitable giving and serving.


Christian serves as director of development at Oliver Gospel, a multifaceted ministry that has been serving the Columbia area for 132 years, and is the oldest rescue mission in the Southeast. His desire is to create opportunities for the community to partner with the mission for the purpose of life transformation.


2021- Anne Lord Bailey

Anne graduated from CIU in 2006 with her B.A. in Youth Ministry. After furthering her education in pharmaceuticals, she now works with the Veteran’s Association. Her experiences and ideas have led to her working locally and nationally to bring innovation such as virtual reality, augmented reality and wearable technology to the VA and other government organizations. Anne enjoys teaching patients to walk through the healing process.

Anne recently participated in the adventure reality TV show “World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji” available on Amazon Prime Video.

2021- Alicia Yoder

Alicia met and married her husband, Christopher (’10) while earning her B.A. in Elementary Education at CIU. After teaching for several years, she started a blog about enjoying Jesus in the busyness of life – something she’s continually learning as a wife, mother of three, homeschooler and involved church member.


Alicia has also created a Bible story podcast for kids called “The Jesus is Better Podcast: Bible Stories with Gospel Joy” where she shares a story from Scripture, looks at the choices that were made, and how God is at work. She then shows how God still does the same for us through Jesus. Many CIU alumni listen to this podcast with their children!

2021- Ken Katayama

Ken is an influencer for the Great Commission and an advocate for unreached people groups. A Brazilian native, Ken graduated from CIU with a B.A. in Bible, and an M.A. in Muslim Studies (’21). At age 19 he joined Crossover Global, which seeks to provide gospel access to unreached peoples of the world by planting multiplying churches.


Ken has traveled and ministered in 30 counties and is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. He enjoys speaking about strategies, teamwork, leadership, practical ways to become involved in missions, and finding potential and calling in life. In August 2020, Ken was named president and CEO of Crossover Global. Ken and his wife, Kristi, have three children: Gabriella, Lincoln and Isaac.


2020- Shirin Taber

Shirin graduated with her MA in Muslim Studies and is the Director of Middle East Women’s Leadership Network and Empower Women Media. With a background in ministry and cross-cultural training, Shirin also assists multiple organizations in media-based initiatives and partners with NGOs to promote women’s rights, peace building, and religious freedom.  


“My whole life I’ve had to learn how to be a bridge builder because I grew up with a mixed heritage. As I got older and traveled, I started to see that there was a huge gender gap within organizations and ministries, and women were often not invited to the decision-making table. So I decided to start focusing on training women to have full participation, visibility, and access to resources. CIU took me deeper intellectually and helped shape my perspective regarding how I think and communicate in regards to educating Christians and ministry partners about the Muslim world.”

2020- Eli Fader

Eli graduated with his MA in Theology and today lives with his wife Bethany and their four boys in Uganda working with South Sudanese refugees. Eli and his family have been working in South Sudan and Uganda since 2007, bringing Bible training through Theological Education by Extension (TEE). TEE partners with local pastors who help guide cultural conversation among students through discussion and implementation.

“TEE has brought transformation to our area as students start to realize that they can learn, grow, understand the word of God, and apply it to their life with the help of the Holy Spirit. One particular course that has been fun to go through is “Christian Family” and seeing people come to the full understanding of what God created when he created family. Faithfulness starts at home. I was modeled that through friends and faculty at CIU and my church at home. It’s so important for us to remember.”

2020- Emily Hall

Emily graduated from CIU in 2010 with her BA in Intercultural Studies, and today serves with Pioneers as their Special Projects Coordinator. Emily works with the Pioneers marketing team to capture stories from around the world of how God is moving in hearts, lives, and ministries. Before this position, Emily served with Pioneers in Florida working with mobilization, and later in Thailand at their International Directors Office.  

“My role with Pioneers is to capture how we tell the story of what God is doing around the world in a way that is meaningful and captivates the heart of the next generation. As I collect stories from our field workers, I love that I get to see and hear God’s heart for the world firsthand. CIU was a significant part of my life. The professors and staff who invested in me gave me words that I regularly remember today.” 

2020- Annie Gallagher

Annie completed a doctoral degree in Curricular and Instructional Leadership through CIU in spring of 2016. As a direct result of her doctoral research at CIU, Annie began a consulting and teachertraining business called Transformed PD. Based on Romans 12:2, the mission of Transformed PD is to “renew minds through relational professional development.”


“The doctoral program has prepared me well to view education through a biblical lens. I am often astounded at the level of expertise I have gained compared to others in similar programs. I am so very grateful to the Lord for leading me to CIU and appreciate the quality of teaching I experienced there.” Learn more about Transformed PD at

2020- Carey Schlieker

Carey graduated from CIU with her master’s degree in Intercultural Studies. Today she serves in West Africa as a nurse at a Christian and Missionary Alliance Hospital.


“In the last three years, my colleagues and I have trained over 300 local believers in telling Bible stories and how to use the Bible story method to share God’s Word in an oral culture. We also train local pastors and believers to use Bible stories in church planting and discipleship of new believers. It’s thrilling to see pastors get excited about a new method that works in their context. I’m thankful for the role CIU played in my preparation for long-term service!”