Danny McCain (‘74) Alumnus of the Year, November 2020

Missionary, professor, preacher, and author. In 1986, Dr. Danny McCain founded the world renowned International Institute for Christians Studies (now Global Scholars) which initiates Christian studies projects, recruits and equips Christian academics in public universities internationally. Dr. McCain moved to Nigeria in 1988 to pioneer this ministry and now serves as a New Testament professor at the University of Jos. Dr. McCain has worked extensively with the Nigerian ministry of education, developing materials and training programs for public school teachers of Christian Religious Education. He has also led in developing and implementing a Christian-Muslim faith-based HIV/AIDS curriculum for public schools. He was a co-founder and is the chairman of Africa Christian Textbooks and has written over 25 books and training manuals. He served as a special consultant and editor of the Africa Study Bible. He is known throughout Nigeria as both a successful academic and effective preacher. Dr. McCain received a BA from Hobe Sound Bible College, a MA in Bible from Columbia International University, and a MA and PhD from Bob Jones University. He and his wife, Mary, have three children